The Brand

Why Denim?

If had to describe the Lynette Tyner brand it would have to be “Denim Culture”. Denim has been around since the 1800’s, the spirit of the fabric was to allow hard working people to be protected while wearing a pair of jeans or a smock. Today that same spirit still applies in us people who are driven, confident, and work tenaciously to see their dreams come true. Tyner states, “Denim is a bold and dominant fabrication that is strong and durable; but when treated with care and combined with an amazing silhouette, it can have an incredible impact. This is exactly how I see people today — strong, reliable, and able to take on life with whatever challenges come our way. Denim has the same soul as music, there is a connection we feel. This is my interpretation through fashion.”

The Company Slogan is I AM I WILL I MUST!

Birthed in Los Angeles, California where premium denim brands sky rocketed in the fashion industry. Lynette’s love for denim has grabbed the fashion industries attention with her unique use of denim, from Couture Gowns, Women’s Better Contemporary Dresses, Accessories, and Handbags. Everything but the traditional pair of jeans.

BE A PART OF THE “Denim Culture” reach for the stars and Declare Your Destiny.